hurt myself again today

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Anonim napisał(a): How many people follows you?

already 14 717 angels, thank you for everything xx

Anonim napisał(a): What's that gif from the one with the guy saying "you said you were gonna be here" ,or something like that, from?

from movie “chatroom”

Anonim napisał(a): That's okay because you tried, I was just worried about you. I'm sorry you feel like you failed, but its okay it will get better, if not lets just start a cult or something and buy a house in the middle of no where and eat ice cream :P

This adorable that you worried about me xx

I felt terrible, because I had impression that I left you without a word of explanation :(

Anonim napisał(a): Where have you been??? :/

well, I wasn’t here really very long, because I tried to fix myself. as you can see, I failed. I’m so sorry angels…